I have specialist knowledge and experience of working with clients in the following areas;

Music, Live Events and the Creative Industries

Prior to re-training in Counselling Psychotherapy, I worked for over 20 years in the music, live events, and creative industries. Subsequently, I have a deep insight into those sectors- understanding the pitfalls, stresses and anxieties of life in a fast paced and sometimes chaotic working environment. I have worked with artists, production crew, stagehands, photographers, designers, actors, tech specialists, business managers and I’ve been described by the writer Irvine Welsh as the ‘DJ Repairman’!

Though I’ve supported clients on international major arena productions, I’m equally at home in my comfortable, quiet practice room in Leeds.

Students in Higher Education

I have worked with students in University Higher Education for over 6 years and currently manage a busy university wellbeing service. I have significant experience of working both short and long-term with student clients and the broad range of issues that can affect young adults. I have worked extensively with students who have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum and learning differences.

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